The first floral workshop of 2018

I have hosted the first floral workshop of 2018 recently. The perfect summer bouquet making class was a big success. Everyone attended the workshop. The work-shoppers not only learnt the art of floral design but also experienced getting to know like-minded people in our gorgeous studio. The best of all is they walked away with their beautiful masterpiece.
Summer is a time of abundance and energy. The weather in January was warm enough to give us stunning summer blooms. We were able to incorporate the season's best blooms including hydrangeas and dahlias into the summer bouquet. Hydrangeas are my all time favourite flower!! There are so many choices to choose from. I have so much joy when I go to the market to acquire flowers these days.
There are 13 of us at the studio, with the lovely summer weather, pretty flowers and laughters. Big Thanks to everyone at the workshop. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome! Two thumbs up.

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