Terrarium Workshop Update

We had a cute group of work-shoppers at our terrarium building workshop. They played with dirt and greens getting their hands dirty. Our workshop space has moved downstairs with more room. I quite like the new fit-out :) They had loads of fun by creating own little landscape in a class container. It is very rewarding and highly addictive. Terrarium workshop is quite hands on. It is likely you lose track of time while you are constructing own indoor garden and meditating with green beauties.


All of the materials (fishbowls, stones, potting mix and decorative stuffs)  were lined up



Go Eco!!

Cute mini terrarium

add character with red mushroom figurines

wild animal safari

Our Terrarium workshop is not only for learning new skills but also for having cultural experiences and meeting new people. 

We run terrarium workshops every month. Why not come along and learn how to build a terrarium? Find out more information on Sydney Terrarium workshop pagePlease click to book terrarium workshop

Questions? please email us at info@flowerlaneandco.com.au or call us 02 8960 4223

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