October delights!

October is the best month of the year to see the most beautiful and precious flowers at the market. Market is flooded with a new range of spring blooms from Lilac, lily of valley, ranunculus to garden roses and all manner of seasonal flowers!! Lilac and lily of valley are only coming out just for a few weeks in the entire year. And sadly, they finish the season fast. Hydrangeas and imported peonies are seen at the market too. I just love the abundance of gorgeous spring flowers everywhere.  They make creating arrangements much more delightful. I had the pleasure of playing with lovely blooms. I thought I'd share with you some snaps. Hope you appreciate the beauty that nature brings.  

It is my fave now! Lilacs are amazing. Their fragrance is the best

Superb Hydrangeas. They have taste of garden delights. 

Birth Day bouquet

Purple & Pinks


Large bright bunc

Wild beauty of the natives

Vibrant and bright! The sunshine delivery is on the day.

Sophisticated white flowers

Pastel bouquets

Ready to be dispatched



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