New addition to succulent Terrarium range

Studies and researches have proven indoor plants make people more satisfied and  happier than those without greens. Besides, office workers increase productivity and patients in hospitals feel less pain and stress. These are reasons enough to gift plants. Not to mention the majority of them are low maintenance and hardy. Whether it is for a birthday, thank you, mother's day  or Christmas, plants make great presents to celebrate the special occasions. Terrariums are the perfect green addition to any space. Like flowers, there are tons of different and unique varieties including flowering plants, orchids, succulents, cacti, shrubs and citrus. We added new products to indoor garden range by popular demand. The planters and terrariums are easy to care thanks to the selection of succulents and cacti. They are winning indoor plants!! Below are the latest garden range. 

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Mini succulent gardens

grey planter

Gold Planter

Mint Planter

Zen succulent garden bowl

Fishbowl terrarium


Large orb terrarium for a housewarming gift

Another large orb terrarium - Each terrarium is different and unique

the close up

Rubber tree aka Ficus Elastica