Fun Terrarium workshop @ The space Sydney

We hosted the first terrarium workshop at our Studio and it was a huge success. Thanks heaps for everyone who made it to the workshop. Terrarium is still one of the most popular botanical trends in recent times. It is a perfect choice if you want to spend weekend afternoon crafting something different and fun. Each Attendee made unique indoor garden. They learnt how to build up various layers for healthy eco-system and plant longevity. We mainly used succulents as they are low maintenance and hard to kill. We showed them how to take care their mini gardens to enjoy longer. All work-shoppers built fun terrariums by adding characters with miniature figurines and other decorative stuff. It's time of being creative by thinking out of the box. It was interesting to find everyone was given same materials but each creation turned out different and unique. 

The terrarium workshop was a kind of meditation class playing with plants and dirt. It also a great opportunity to have a cultural experience in our art space. Gorgeous art pieces are everywhere. Want to construct eco-friendly and sustainable mini garden? Show your interest through email at or Click here to book a terrarium workshop

Get ready for terrarium workshop - succulents, indoor plants, moss, pebbles and aprons 

glass containers for making hanging terrariums - yes we provide glass containers too!

Let the fun begin..and be prepared to get dirty!

Be creative


cute little hanging terrarium

beach-inspired terrarium in cube glass

little sea in fishbowl

eco-friendly terrarium

We will have next terrarium workshop on 16th January 2016. For more information, please visit terrarium workshop page.