Flower crown parties

It has been hectic for a couple of months hosting flower workshops one after another. Preoccupied with the workshop schedules, I have been slacking with blog posts. Now I finally have time to update!! I have run delightful flower crown workshops for a few groups this month. They're all hosted in our gorgeous art studio. Our venue features the mixture of unique and cool vibe that you are looking for! The hens celebrated the special day with loads of fabulous flowers. It was a lovely gathering aka party surrounded by seasonal bounty! The flower enthusiasts learnt the art of custom and wearable floral crown making from scratch. Everyone walked out of the door wearing the stunning floral headband. They must have felt a queen on the day! Below are some snaps I would love to share with you. Find out more information on Flower crown workshop page If you are looking at bespoke flower crown workshop, please drop us a line at info@flowerlaneandco.com.au

Beautiful set up

Haylie's hen bliss

The wrap!

The gorgeous bride-to-be

Red and white theme for the party. Red means good luck and wish in Chinese culture.