The Benefit of Flower & Plant

Interview on radio 2ser107.3 Drive show: The benefit of flowers
(hosted by Mikayla)

 We have a radio interview that covers this and lots of other ways that flowers & plants can help us be happier and healthier. 

 Yeah, my voice is on air. I felt so weird listening to my own voice on radio. 

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A break down of the interview: 

 When it comes to flowers and plants, what do you think makes them so special when it comes to events like Christmas and even weddings?

 Living Decoration - creating the feeling or setting the mood for your special day with their beauty, color, elegance, and style.Poinsettia, Christmas bush, pine leaf for Christmas which make your day or even the dinner more memorable and special Different flowers has its own meaning, such as Yellow rose represent friendships….etc 

Why do you think people like to get involved in these opportunities which Flower Lane and Co provide?

Lots of people love flower and plants, but not sure how to take care of them or present them. Thats why people book in our workshops. And our workshop is for beginner so no experience needed. And you will be surprise how well you have done with your terrarium or flower arrangement in just a 2 hour class. “you can do more than you think”. The youngest I got is 6 years old - she finished her own terrarium.  The process of the workshop is very relaxing and fun, and you also meet new like-minded friends. 

 What do you think makes the workshops so good for team building and bonding?

 Its always good to step away from work/ everyday life and have new experience and do something different. Get your hands dirty. The real good thing with our terrarium workshop is that you are just fousing on doing one things and get laser focus. You just forgot all the stress from your life and work. It's just like a getting a remedial massage, which is curing, relaxing and enjoyable, and you also take away some tips.We also provide tea, coffee and snacks and people just eat and drink while they are making their terrarium or flower arrangement. 

 How important do you think it is for people to be able to get hands on with nature? 

Nature always surprise you. One of a kind, different scent, shape, colour and texture. Even now, for myself, every time I went to the flower market to get flowers for the shop or workshops, i am just amazed with what's on the flower market, you just find out new species that you never seen before. It just make you think out of the box. 

 What inspired you to begin working with people in these workshops?

I started with a request of a friend who would like to do a floral workshop and i was like, why not and gave it a go. And now i am here after 5 years- doing all sort of workshops. Flower lane & co is not doing one of those masterclass, we just want to share what we know - some basic technique, tips and experience, so that everyone can make their own arrangement themselves at home. They are classes for everyone who want to know more about the fantastic nature. 

What keep you doing this ? 

I just love seeing everyone’s smile when they finished their creation. It just very satisfying for me just looking at them and this is the reason that keep me doing it in the past 5 years. Sometime, people sent me photos on what they created after class, and this is the main reason that keep me going and pushing myself to do better.