Terrarium workshop update

We have run a series of the terrarium workshops  with brilliant plant lovers. It was an absolutely pleasure of spending morning with lush greens. The extraordinary indoor garden is fun and easy to make without delving too deep into biology! Can't agree more these wonderful mini gardens is a powerful act that brings positive energy. Besides it will perk up your living space. 

We'd love to share tips and tricks on the eco-friendly planting in glass vessels. You will learn basics from preparing all the materials, adding layers to growing  and selecting your plants and more! We are flashing back to the fun terrarium building workshops. Everyone created stunning green world.  Take a look at the behind the scenes. Hope We see you at the next terrarium workshop. Find out more information on Sydney Terrarium workshop page. Click here to book a terrarium workshop Sydney.

The hardy elements

Workshop set up

Kid's workshop for Lily's 8th Birthday.

unusual hen workshop activity

Having an unforgettable bonding moment with Mum and friend !

Action shot. Everyone is laser focused!!