Terrarium hen workshops

Terrarium workshop is all the rage. Making DIY indoor garden is such a fun and therapeutic experience although your fingers become green :) You will gain skills to construct and take care of your beautiful mini garden. The most interesting part is decoration with fun figurines and imaginative embellishments. The decorative terrarium will perk your living space! We had a couple of groups that wanted to build terrariums. They celebrated the special hen day by creating nano landscapes.  Below is a recap of the hen terrarium workshops. 

Flower Lane and Co runs terrarium workshop every month. Please check out upcoming terrarium workshop schedules. We also host workshops for corporate events, functions and hens day.Find out more information on Sydney Terrarium workshop page. Drop us line at info@flowerlaneandco.com.au 

Farm fresh succulents

In the Zone!

Now they can enjoy bubbles after all the effort and time.

Teacher's proud moment!

Amazing creations!