Terrarium Building workshop in August

We had loads of fun building indoor garden last week. Terrarium is Eco-friendly and sustainable. And it is a perfect addition for home decoration. We made terrariums with mixed succulents as they are hardy and drought tolerant. Our work-shoppers gained skills to create different layers for a healthy eco system. They designed unique mini gardens by getting their hand green.  Here is a recap of the terrarium workshop in August. 



Playing with greens and dirt 

creating fun layers step by step

Below are beautiful succulent gardens our work-shoppers designed.

forest themed terrarium

Fun terrarium with Lego miniature toy

beach inspired terrarium 

Fairy tale indoor garden

Please let us know if you want to spend weekend afternoon creating terrariums.  Bring home succulent collection to brighten your indoor space. Find out more information on Sydney Terrarium workshop page.

Sydney Terrarium workshop enquiry: info@flowerlaneandco.com.au