Eco indoor garden building workshops

It's been super busy for last couple of months, hardly leaving me any time to post on my blog.  I am so glad we got through Valentine's Day and have finally reached to a point where I can take time and reflect back past couple of months. Apart from wedding and event works, I hosted a few workshops in January and February. I would like to share fun terrarium workshop experiences in this post.  I run terrarium workshops on a monthly base. January and February ones were full. Huge Thanks for each attendee. It wan't the best weather in Sydney - so warm and humid! Everyone made it!!  Terrariums is still one of the most popular botanical trends in recent times.

All work-shoppers created low maintenance unique terrariums. They learnt how to build up various layers to ensure your terrarium's longevity and health eco system. They were provided all of the materials including some cool toy figurines to craft and customize your masterpiece. It was great to see people make friends through workshops and have cultural experiences in our art studio. 

Find out more information on Sydney Terrarium workshop pagePlease email us at if you'd like to play with greens and dirt at our terrarium workshop. Or click here to book a terrarium workshop