April's Terrarium workshop was a huge success!

We had a brilliant group of 23 happy work-shoppers for April's terrarium Workshop. The workshop involved a lot of preparation. We went to a farm out west to source fresh succulents and indoor plants. It took ages to unpack boxes of fish bowls, pebbles and the other materials. But We were very excited to meet new attendees and All of them made it to the workshop in April.

Our beautiful workshop area! All set up for a big terrarium workshop.

Succulents and indoor plants

Our passionate work-shoppers

Make.Fun. Play! 

Here are some beautiful creations our work-shoppers made

Our upcoming workshop is scheduled on 22nd May staring from 1:00. Please check our Terrarium workshop page to get updated for upcoming classes. We also issue gift vouchers. It is a perfect gift for Mother's Day and Birthday!! Click here to purchase terrarium workshop gift voucher!

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