Terrariums & Plants

Send a long-lasting and growing gift. Studies have shown indoor plants make people more satisfied and happier than those without greens. Besides, office workers increase productivity and patients in hospitals feel less pain and stress. These are reasons enough to gift plants. It is easy to care. We have a stunning succulent garden range featuring lush greens in beautiful planters. Whether it is for a birthday, thank you, congratulations or Christmas, plants make a perfect present for any occasions. 

A terrarium is all the rage! It is the sustainable, low-maintenance indoor garden, and is a beautiful addition to office desks, kitchen tables, or other well-lit spots in your home. Bring mini landscape home. It will perk up any living space.

Potted plants are also great alternative to cut flowers. We have beautiful fiddle ficus, Zanzibar gems and rubber jack plants. All the plants are coming with a stylish pot.