Terrarium Fun - Sydney DIY Workshop

Published: 21/02/2016

 Our terrarium workshop this month was sold out! Huge thanks to our enthusiastic work-shoppers!

The class was full of fun and 20 attendees made creative miniature indoor gardens. Here is a little taste from our successful workshop over the weekend. Learn the art of terrarium making and Let us help you build your own glass garden!  Please check our upcoming terrarium workshop schedules sydney terrarium workshop Our terrarium workshop is very popular. So hurry to book! Email info@flowerlaneandco.com.au

sydney terrarium workshop 

Glass containers and aprons are lined up! 

sydney terrarium workshop 

It's time to master the art of terrarium making. 

sydney terrarium workshop 

Create two layers by Lining bottom with pebbles and adding potting mix

 sydney terrarium workshop

 Selection of plants from succulents, cacti and white butterflies that I sourced from local growers. This is fun part

sydney terrarium workshop 

 Final step is decorating terrariums. We used Spanish moss, Sphagnum moss, sea shells, rocks, and beach sands.

sydney terrarium workshop 

The wrap-up of the workshop .

Here are fun creations made by our passionate work-shoppers.  












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