January Hen workshops update

I came back to work from  2 week holiday snowboarding in Northern Hemisphere. Now it is time to buckle down and start working in full swing. It was a hectic day hosting two workshops on the same day. But Everything went well and each group did wonderful job. One group gathered for a beautiful bride-to-be, Katrina. They created floral crowns. The other built organic terrariums and celebrated Kim's hen party. It wasn't best weather - scorching and humid!! I really appreciate everyone got it together and finished own creation. Here is a recap of the hen workshops from the last week. 

sydney hen workshop making flower crowns

On a roll!

sydney hen workshop making flower crown

Tada! They look gorgeous.

sydney hen workshop making flower crowns

The set up

sydney hen workshop making flower crowns

got new aprons for fresh start.

sydney terrarium workshop

Kim and her friends. 

sydney terrerium workshop

Action shot

sydney terrarium workshop

Planning a bridal shower?  

Have a fun experience by doing creative activities. Flower crown workshops or terrarium workshops are perfect to spend crafternoon with your guests! Find out more information on Sydney Flower crown workshop page Please email us for booking hen workshops or any queries at info@flowerlaneandco.com.au

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